March 22, 2023

Everyone has seen the Mystery Shopper programs out there where people get paid to act as mystery shoppers for a day and get paid for the pleasure, well now we see a new spin on the concept which in my opinion is far better and a lot more fun.

Mr Bankroller is a site that pays people their initial stake in a casino, poker site, bingo site or sportsbook to play the games online and keep 100% of their winnings. In return all you need to do is fill in a short 5 or 6 question survey on your experience of the site – easy!

Now, this is just perfect for people like me that love to have a game of poker, try out the roulette wheel or even try their luck at blackjack. I mean, why use your own money when Mr Bankroller will give you the money to play with, no strings attached.

I have since be paid over $500 so far to try a few casinos and 1 poker site and I’m not sure if this is allowed but it also let me use the signup bonus at the casino, so say $100 actually turns into $400 with a 400% signup bonus. Some of the sites have larger bonuses and some smaller but it is all free money to play with.

You can checkout the site at but I’m telling you it is amazing how I can now play online games for free and not risk any of my own money.

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